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Javier De Frutos and The Pet Shop Boys' phantasmagorical fairy-tale dance work makes a welcome return.

Mark Monahan, The Telegraph

London Road is such a dazzlingly good film - it’s as much to do with Javier de Frutos’s choreography as Rufus Norris’s direction.

Ismene Brown, Spectator

"As pure physics, De Frutos’s choreography is typically ingenious, but just as typically it comes charged with pungent emotion."

Judith Mackrell, The Guardian

Testimonials: Testimonials

"De Frutos... subjected them to.."method dancing"... made them read plays, scripts and poetry by Tennessee Williams.. The dancers realized they could go much farther than they had imagined."

Susan Acrega, PlilStar Global

"Venezuelan choreographer has always been a fearless innovator. Sometimes you were astounded by his ability to combine the sensual with the sensationalist; sometimes... you just had to laugh."

Debra Craine, The Times UK

"Javier De Frutos’ Thresh|Hold – a revolving door flies across the stage while dancers flip through its ever shifting perspective. Breathtaking."

Juan Michael Porter II, The Huffington Post

Testimonials: Testimonials
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